Eight years of design leadership experience at a digital agency has allowed me to work with dozens of diverse organizations across industries and project types.

In these selected projects, I participated both an individual contributor and design leader.

An office building with the Microsoft logo in front

Microsoft Research

How can we thousands of researchers be migrated onto a content management system away from their current system of uploading custom, ad-hoc web pages?

After reviewing all the different types of content being created by researchers, I designed a CMS architecture that could scale to over 4,000 researchers and over 40,000 publications, groups, and projects. Four years after launch, we continue to evolve the platform by moving toward a block-based editor, adding robust faceted search capabilities, and solidifying the design system.

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Casual photo of two people grinning at a California DMV poster about Real ID requirements

California DMV

How can we shape demand for REAL ID drivers’ licenses so Californians who need a REAL ID from the DMV can get one before the due date?

After an onsite discovery I separated this project into two distinct phases. First was a REAL ID microsite with a short timeline to assist in already-started marketing efforts. Starting soon after, we’d begin work on new user flows, architecture, design, and content for the main DMV website.

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Google's conference booth at WordCamp Europe with people looking at a monitor displaying Site Kit's interface

Google Site Kit

How can we seamlessly bring together different Google data services (e.g. Google Analytics) to help site owners continue to grow without needing to leave their CMS or hire an expert.

I completed an early audit and landscape review before taking on a leadership role for multiple designers. We needed to determine:

  • What is the best way to manage permissions and access to different Google services?
  • What insights or notifications would best motivate site owners?
  • How will Google-branded analytics data be presented seamlessly within the WordPress admin?

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Stanford eCorner

How can we organize and 16 years of guest lectures to inspire everyone to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset?

Through onsite workshops and interviews, I mapped out a strategy that would use bite-size video clips and blog posts as an entry to full-length lectures and podcast episodes. My team continues to work with the university’s entrepreneurship center, helping them bring in new forms of media and expand their services. We continue to conduct research, design, and iterate on features.

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Starbucks barista wearing a face mask holding a drink cup at the drive through window

Starbucks Newsroom

What is the quickest path to merging content from three existing websites into a single, modern newsroom?

To solve this issue, I conducted a content inventory on all three sites and constructed a combined architecture. Additionally, I created wireframes reusing components from the most modern of the three sites as much as possible. With a rapid migration completed successfully, Starbucks engaged us to conduct detailed user interviews and recommend platform iterations including integrations with non-newsroom Starbucks.com content.

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Angled screenshot of a customer journey map


How can we help new volunteers and employees at local JDRF chapters understand how JDRF engages with someone who has type 1 diabetes: from diagnosis to donor?

I shaped this project to become a detailed journey map. To collect data, I conducted stakeholder interviews, performed statistical analysis of their donor database, scraped stories and videos from the web, planned and conducted participant interviews.

With data in-hand, I created a prototype journey map with digital sticky notes, which was edited with stakeholders for clarity and alignment with internal language.

Finally, I collaborated with a visual designer to produce a beautiful, printable poster intended for distribution to local JDRF chapters nationwide.

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